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Comenda is a leader in the warewashing industry with a wide range of machines including; glasswashers, front loading and pass through dishwashers, utensil washers and complete rack conveyor installations.

Comenda LB215M GlasswasherGlasswashers – The Comenda Hi-Line and Blue-Line ranges have a variety of different glasswashing units ideal for all applications and budgets.

Front Loading Dishwashers – Are you limited on space? Then a HF45 Hi-Line under-counter unit or a Blue-Line LM324M could be the ideal machine for you. Available in a range of power and water connection variations with or with on-board water softeners, Comenda has exactly what you need.

Comenda Blue LIne LC411MPassthrough Dishwashers – Available in either in-line or corner configurations, Comenda has a range of hood-type passthrough dishwashers that will fit in most wash-up areas. The CRC2 heat recovery systems and RCD rinse pumps ensure the best possible cleaning performance whilst conserving water and chemicals and reducing energy usage.

Utensil Washers – The GE range of dedicated utensil and pot washing machines are powerful enough to remove even the toughest dirt and grime. These machines have specifically designed components to be touch and durable in even the busiest of wash-up stations.

Rack Conveyor Dishwashers – Do you need something a little bigger? The AC-Series of rack conveyors has a huge range of customisable, modular options specifically designed to give you the cleaning performance and throughput which your operation needs, whether that’s 200+ racks and hour, endless canteen trays or more glasses than you can imagine, Comenda can customise your every wash-up need…

Accessories – Comenda has every rack option possible from, ‘Peroni Glass Friendly’ glass racks, cutlery trays, tea cup trays to canteen tray racks and every conceivable orientation in-between.

Comenda is distributed in the UK by Hubbard Systems, through dealers nationwide. Hubbard offers unrivalled after sales support and service, with a dedicated team of engineers and service partners across the UK.

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