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Compact dishwasher that’s a quick worker

Hubbard Systems launches Comenda HF45 undercounter unit

Hubbard Systems has launched the HF45 undercounter dishwasher.  Manufactured by Comenda, the new unit is part of the upscale Hi-Line range, which combines a mid-budget price with advanced features, such as a rinse control device (RCD) to ensure the best possible results.

The HF45 is a compact unit, measuring just 600mm x 600mm x 820mm high, and its door gives clearance of up to 400mm, so it can handle larger ware.  It accommodates 500mm x 500mm racks and on the fast programme takes just 90 seconds per wash cycle.   At the other end of the scale is the Eco2 programme, which takes 240 seconds but minimises energy consumption.

Standard features include a stainless steel, double-skinned body, a single piece deep drawn tank, a multiple filtering system which minimises water consumption by keeping washwater clear for longer, and a self-cleaning cycle that functions automatically when the machine is shut down.

The RCD system works by using a pressurised boiler and a rinse booster pump to maintain consistent water pressure and temperature throughout the wash cycle.  This in turn ensures that all the dishes are cleaned thoroughly.

Optional extras include an energy-saving heat recovery and steam condensing unit and a built-in water softener.

The Comenda HF45 is available through Hubbard Systems’ network of dealers.

Versatility is the best approach for a spotless banquet

Comenda’s AC2 and AC2E rack conveyors are flexible warewashing solutions for events big or small

Warewashing for the banqueting circuit is not straightforward. The workload can be unpredictable, with some events involving catering to large numbers and resulting in mounds of dirty dishes, crockery, cookware and glasses, while smaller ones will create a fraction of the amount. Whatever the size, the wash results needs to be of the same quality, and it is vital that a banquet kitchen has a warewasher that is up to the job.

When it comes to selecting a warewasher, size truly matters. In a banqueting kitchen set-up that’s tight on space, it is essential that no half measures are taken when specifying a machine. Comenda’s AC2 and AC2E Series are the ideal solution.


Hi-performance warewashing

Hubbard Systems launches latest Comenda Hi-Line pass through machine

The latest Comenda pass through warewasher, the Hi-Line HC14 RA, delivers superb wash results, is easy to live with and offers a wash cycle as short as 47 seconds.  Options include an energy saving system that reduces consumption dramatically.   The Comenda range is distributed in the UK by Hubbard Systems.

The HC14 RA is designed to be easy to live with.  Standard features include a self-draining wash pump, a choice of hood- or manually-activated cycle starts, stainless steel construction, integral water softener, electronic adjustment of the detergent and rinse aid dispensers, and a self-cleaning cycle that kicks in when the unit is switched off.  The machine’s wash cycles last from 47 seconds, on the fast, low soiling setting, to 240 seconds for the energy-saving ECO 2 programme.

The superior wash results are courtesy of Comenda’s clever Rinse Control Device (RCD).  This uses a pressurised boiler and a rinse pump to ensure that the water pressure and temperature are consistent throughout the wash cycle, so that everything comes out spotless.

Comenda’s optional CRC2 heat recovery unit lowers running costs by using steam produced during the wash cycle to heat the incoming cold water supply.  It can cut energy consumption by up to 35%.  Additional energy saving options include a double skin, insulated hood.

The HC14 RA accepts standard 500mm x 500mm racks and the maximum hood clearance is 440mm. The machine measures 624mm wide by 740mm deep and 1537mm high.

Comenda comes back to CaterQuotes

Hubbard Systems sees online application as essential part of dealer support.

The complete Comenda range of warewashers is now on CaterQuotes.  Hubbard Systems, which took over distribution of the range in the UK last year, regards the online catalogue and quotation application as an essential part of its support for the dealer network.

“We’ve been working closely with CaterQuotes to get Comenda on the system,” says Adam Byron, National Sales Manager for Hubbard Systems. The Scotsman brand, which Hubbard also distributes, is already on CaterQuotes.  “The Scotsman experience shows how important CaterQuotes is for many of our dealers, since it speeds up the whole quotation process and gives easy access to support material.”

It took time to get Comenda back on CaterQuotes because Hubbard wanted to ensure that the information was 100% correct.  “Any mistake can be a real pain for dealers trying to put together a quote,” says Adam.  “We will be adding more support material and new product lines in the coming months.”

The Comenda range covers dishwashers, glasswashers and pot washers and includes undercounter, hood and conveyor systems.  As with the Scotsman icemaker range, Hubbard plans to support the Comenda brand with the best possible customer service, including a full range of products from stock, with fast delivery throughout the UK mainland.

Hubbard Systems takes on Comenda warewashers from Dawson MMP

Hubbard Systems is pleased to announce that it will become the exclusive distributor for Comenda products in the UK.


The appointment comes following a recent strategic review by ALI Group of the Dawson business and the decision to reposition and refocus the UK distribution of its Comenda warewash products, along with the other brands currently traded by Dawson.

“Hubbard Systems and the ALI Group already have a strong commercial partnership with the exclusive distribution of Scotsman ice makers, and we welcome this exciting opportunity to further develop our position in the UK market,” says Simon Aspin, commercial director of Hubbard Systems.

From 5th June 2017 all Comenda products and spare parts will be distributed by Hubbard Systems. All products which are still under warranty, or were bought with an extended service package, will be managed by Hubbard, in conjunction with Service Line who will fulfil the service obligations to ensure there is no loss of continuity during the transition.

Comenda has an exceptional reputation, with a full range of machines from small under counter glasswashers right up to special-build rack and flight machines, selling several thousand units per year globally.

Hubbard aims to build the Comenda brand in the UK by working closely with the Comenda factory on larger schemes, and taking the same approach with Comenda as with the Scotsman brand, maintaining high levels of customer support and product availability.

Hubbard Systems is the UK distributor for the market-leading Scotsman range, which is available via dealers nationwide.  For more information freephone Hubbard Systems on 0800 616559, call 01473 350045 email or visit

Comenda F4E dishwasher: compact footprint, big load, great value

                                                               Hubbard’s economical front loader


The latest version of Comenda’s F4EHR front loader dishwasher combines advanced features with a budget-friendly price. While its footprint is the same as the smaller F3E units, it also has an extra high door, with 400mm clearance, so it can accept bigger dishes and larger loads.

With list prices starting at just £4,007, the F4EHR is ideal for buyers looking for a reliable undercounter machine on a budget. Manufactured by Comenda in Italy, it is marketed in the UK by Hubbard Systems, which backs the machines with an unrivalled customer support package.

The F4EHR accepts 500mm x 500mm racks and has a theoretical capacity of up to 60 racks per hour. The QHS (Quick Heating System) cuts heat up times and optimises water consumption, while the Dynamic filter system ensures that wash water is kept clean and dishes are washed efficiently.

Four wash cycles mean that operators can choose the type of wash they need, from light to heavy soiling. For lightly soiled dishes, the Eco wash cycle will clean hygienically whilst saving on water, energy and chemical consumption. At the other end of the scale, for really dirty crocks, the fourth cycle completely drains the tank water at the end of the wash.

The F4EHR is sold with a comprehensive 24 month parts and labour warranty.

Hubbard Systems is the UK distributor for Comenda warewashers, which are available via dealers nationwide.  For more information on the full range of Comenda machines, and details of local stockists, freephone Hubbard Systems on 0800 616559, call 01473 350045 email visit