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About Comenda

Comenda offers professional washing machines rigorously “Made in Italy” according to the highest quality standards. The company has quickly established itself among the industry leaders in Europe and the world, producing and marketing over 200 different solutions ranging from small-sized cup and glass washers for bars to large, automated, continuous feed systems for restaurants, hospitals, canteens and in-flight catering. Its great operational flexibility also allows Comenda to supply tailor-made systems, designed to meet individual space and operation requirements, without any limits on processing capacity.

Nature-friendly Evolution – Comenda has always operated with an eco-conscious approach based on the greatest respect for the environment. This has allowed the company to achieve outstanding results in reducing consumption.
In fact, Comenda products have extremely low running costs, thanks to minimal use of water and detergent during the washing cycle and to low energy consumption, while maintaining hygienic efficiency. The machines are also designed to create comfortable working environments, thanks to technical solutions that reduce noise levels and heat emissions.

Innovative Since 1963 – A long journey that began in 1963, marked by significant innovation milestones. Two in particular: in 1976 the first heat pumps were fitted, in 1987 the first multiple rinsing systems were installed. Many devices have been developed over time to reduce consumption – suffice to say that 30 years ago you would have needed 600 litres of water an hour to wash and rinse dishes, now all you need is 00. About 1/6 of the water, but also 1/6 of the detergent and 1/6 of the electricity.

Maximum Quality, ZERO KM – One of the key aspects of the company’s policy has been its choice of suppliers; they are all Italian companies operating within a radius of a few hundred kms of the production plant in Milan. This allows the company to make zero km products and ensure better quality control of the components installed in its machines. Comenda dishwasher tanks, for example, are made using deep drawing technology: a very high tech precision technology
that is the prerogative of only a few Italian companies in the world. The Comenda philosophy is therefore a concrete expression of how the highest standards of quality can be offered by promoting local excellence.

Innovation That Loves The Environment and Saves Energy – Comenda is always at the forefront of technological innovation and offers a series of devices designed to optimise energy consumption, ensuring maximum efficiency. MULTIRINSE® is a patented rinsing technology which dramatically reduces the use of water, detergent and electricity. The exclusive PWS system allows consumption to be optimised and operation cycles to be customised. The CRC is a steam condenser and heat recovery system that cuts energy consumption by up to 35%. The patented PRS® (Proportional Rinse System) and its advances, the APRS® (Automatic Proportional Rinse System) in turn ensure a saving of up to 33% to be achieved in the use of water, energy and chemicals.

ECO2 – Environment and Economy for Double the Performance – Based on its “green” philosophy, Comenda continues to devise solutions to ensure excellent performance, maximum hygiene and the best working conditions for operators, with a constant focus on protecting the environment and its resources. The ECO2 programme actively contributes to limiting consumption by professional dishwashers, making the energy saved available for the other equipment in the kitchen. The “free the kilowatts” slogan is a common thread running through all the company’s eco-friendly range of products; technologically advanced and reliable solutions that can cut consumption by up to 50%, limiting waste and dramatically reducing operating costs.

A Product for Every Requirement – Comenda offers solutions designed to enhance the quality of hygiene in every sector: hotel, catering, healthcare, shipping, baking. A wide range designed to meet the requirements of bars, restaurants, hotels, canteens and hospitals, fulfilling the highest standards of productivity, affordability of use, comfort and safety. Reliable machines that are perfect for washing glasses, dishes, trays and saucepans of all sizes; front-loading, hood and rack conveyor dishwashers with all kinds of accessories become the ideal partners of all catering professionals.

Tailor-Made Efficiency – Modularity as a synonym of customisation. The opportunity to create the best solution to satisfy customer requirements allows Comenda to offer versatile and customisable machines. Depending on available space, operational and managerial requirements, each model can be adapted with tailor-made features, without compromising on efficiency. There are multiple benefits to this: from improving the whole organisational process to significantly
boosting productivity and substantially reducing costs to achieve otherwise unimaginable standards of quality.

A Commitment Demonstrated by Distinctive Value – A global search for quality and environmental care: Comenda has achieved the ISO 9001:2008 certification and the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 environmental certification, which have minimised its environmental impact in every aspect of production, from the supply of raw materials to manufacturing, from packaging materials to logistics. Further evidence of the ability to understand the market and interpret current trends and the changes taking place, asserting itself as a modern and dynamic organisation that can stand out from the competition. Comenda is also a technical partner of FCSI Italia, the international foodservice and hotel consultants association.

For over fifty years, Hubbard Systems has been distributing the Scotsman range of ice machines in the UK.  Like Comenda, Scotsman is part of the ALi Group – the world’s largest foodservice equipment manufacturing group.

In 2017, Hubbard took over the UK distribution of Comenda warewashers, committing itself to delivering the same high standards of service to its dealers and end users as it does for Scotsman.

Comenda from Hubbard: great warewashers, great service.

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